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Forums - Sony Discussion - The best GOD OF WAR (2018) Characters


Your favorite character ?

Baldur/The Stranger 9 39.13%
Kratos 8 34.78%
Atreus 4 17.39%
Faye 0 0%
Magni and Modi xD 0 0%
Freya 2 8.70%
Sindri and Brok 0 0%
Thor :P 0 0%
other character 0 0%

A simple question: Who are your favorite characters from God of War ?

Write your reasons and what you found particularly great / interesting :)

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I really liked fighting The Stranger just wish he wasn't so much like Connor McGregor haha.

Baldur, just thinking about a skinny person going toe to toe with a buffed up Kratos just seems funny to me.


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You should have put Mimir instead of Thor, no?

Where is Mimir ?!

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Smartest man alive got shafted...

Mimir!! I enjoy listening to his stories :)

I'd love to listen to the GoW audio book just cause it's done by the voice of Mimir hehe



Mimir was great, loved his stories, I also liked Freya alot. Baldur was a cool villain as well. Kratos has about all of the personality of a potato (though he did get some character development), and I found Atreus to be kind of pathetic for much of the game (though they set him up to be much better in the sequel).

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