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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Digital Foundry: Red Dead Redemption 2 Analysis

Platform Resolution Framerate
Xbox One 1536 x 864 25-30 fps on gameplay, drops as low as 24 fps on a single cutscene
Xbox One X 3840 x 2160 29-30 fps on gameplay, drops as low as 21 fps on a single cutscene
PS4 1920 x 1080 23-30 fps on gameplay, drops as low as 22 fps on a single cutscene
PS4 Pro 1920 x 2160 26-30 fps on gameplay, drops as low as 25 fps on a single cutscene

We have a whopping 6.2x increase in resolution between base Xbox One and Xbox One X, which DF believes might be a record for biggest increase between base and enhanced hardware so far, and that's on top of higher res textures differentiating the two.

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Dang that's what I call a Quickdraw, too fast for me lol, will watch this later.


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Sunstrider said:
Dang that's what I call a Quickdraw, too fast for me lol, will watch this later.

Yeah, they got this analysis out fast, they dropped it at the same time as the review embargo lifted. 

Higher resolution than I was expecting. Was expecting 1440p for pro, 1800p for X. Both are higher.

Wow... double the resolution AND better frames rates on X? That makes the decision a no brainier for me. On paper the X doesn't seem 2X as powerful as the Pro but I guess Rockstar just proved that it is.

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26 - 30 fps. Fuck that, I'll wait for the PC version. =P

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OdinHades said:
26 - 30 fps. Fuck that, I'll wait for the PC version. =P

To be fair, the low end drops are mainly only in a single busy section of Saint Denis, the largest city in the game. Both XB1 X and PS4 Pro are pretty much 29-30 fps on the rest of the map. The drops seem to be caused by the weak Jaguar CPU's mainly. Man, I cannot wait for Zen CPU's on next gen, lol. 

Impressive for XBX, native 4K resolution.

It's interesting the pattern that Xbox One games have followed. Early in the generation it was running at resolutions barely above the 360/PS3. Mid-generation, developers were getting the hang of properly making use of the system's eDRAM and brought game resolutions to near-parity with the base PS4, usually just with some sacrifices in graphical detail and/or frame rate. Now that the One X is out, developers seem to have given up on optimizing for the original model, and we're seeing it starting to really fall behind again.

What I said on Eurogamer:

As expected and rather underwhelming. The idea of the pro consoles delivering more detail, better textures, more effects, longer draw distances etc has apparently completely been abandoned. Even HDR seems to be on the back burner, it's only mentioned once in the tech review as couldn't find much of a benefit for now.

So it's a simple resolution difference and more stable frame rate. Is that really worth upgrading for?

When the pro consoles were about to launch it was all about enhancements, what do you get extra on the pro console. Ports like tomb raider had extra features enabled and more games had a choice between performance and picture quality. Basically what we have here is no extras, which does allow to get the biggest resolution differences between the platforms. What I'm kinda disappointed in is to read was this: However, in terms of the common feature set across all systems, I'm not sure HDR is providing much in the way of a tangible benefit, and certainly the calibration system is limited. HDR has a much bigger impact than a higher pixel count.

So while the resolution difference is certainly noticeable, I find it quite disappointing that that's all the pro consoles have going for them.

Anyway bring on the game, will pick it up tomorrow. Without HDR providing any benefits I won't have to bother removing the breakout box every time. hdmi 1.4 is plenty for 4k checkerboard.