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Forums - Politics Discussion - Pipe Bombs Sent to Prominant US Political Figures

So far, 6 pipe bombs have been received or intercepted with the following individuals as targets.

Barack Obama.
Hillary Clinton.
George Soros.
Eric Holder (former Attorney General under Obama).
John Brennan (former CIA director under Obama).

The return address label listed Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (former head of the Democratic National Committee).  The package for Eric Holder was returned to sender meaning his bomb was eventually routed to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz office.

There is also an unconfirmed report of a package sent to Democrat Congresswoman Kamala Harris.

NY governor Andrew Cuomo.
California Rep Maxine Waters.



None of the devices have detonated and more are expected given the scope of who have received them so far.

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Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."

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I assume the bombs are duds, but nevertheless it's so incredibly dumb to do something like that

And they're Democrats... this is not good. It's an act of terrorism and should be treated as so.

I hope everyone's alright, and that the terrorist gets busted.

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My thoughts and prayers are with them.

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The right wing and their practices.

I assume none of them went off? Thoughts and prayers. This is absolutely terrorism by the way. No doubt about it.

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NY governor Andrew Cuomo.
California Rep Maxine Waters.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."

The person will be found and serve a life sentence. Hopefully, no one dies.

Hopefully they find the ones responsible and show everyone a very detailed rapport on how it happened, why it happened and the people involved or else this will be seen by many as a play by democrats to sway the midterm elections.