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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5 rumors so far


What stands out the most to you?

Improved VR, Motion Playe... 5 17.24%
Backwards Compatability w... 19 65.52%
125 GB Discs = able to co... 5 17.24%

Theres been a few rumors about the PS5, and thought it would be fun to see feedback from vgc on these, so here they are (ones Ive seens so far):

1  Blu-ray XL drives & discs.  Rumors are saying these are able to store 125 GB.  4k Textures = game sizes go up, so its needed.
    RDR2 could fit on 1 disc.

2  Backwards Compatabilitiy patent "Remastering by Emulation" ei. run older games at higher resolutions/ect maybe newer textures.

3  Built-In VR Functionality That Tracks Player Movement Without External Device.

VR2 Tech With Rotating Camera, Brings Motion Tracking Bracelets. (arm & finger movements)




So alot of people where saying PSVR is a gen 1 device, and by the time the PS5 launches VR devices of next gen will be hugely better and it looks like that much is true.  You ll wear bracelts that ll track your "arms & finger" movements inside VR.... This is what people have wanted, to be able to not just "see" inside a gameworld, but interact with it by reaching out and "touching" it with your own hands. The player movement tracking too, means you might see games that ll be able to have your avatar jump/squat/kick whatever as  you do so IRL inside the VR game.

Then theres the 125 GB disc, that ll be the savior of gameing for people that want to collect their games and not have to download them, with sizes of games ever increaseing.

Finally theres the backwards compatability thingy, it sounds like with how emulators on pc can run old games at higher resolutions ect + with texture packs and such, will be comeing to the PS5.

What are peoples thoughts on this? good start for the PS5?

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I think that the only credible rumours here are the Bluray discs and the backward compability.I mean, being BC is a no brainer and extremely logical.The gen 8 was the only gen in a long time to not have BC, with the exception of Wii U, so assuming that the PS5 will be way more powerful than the PS4, and the PS4 having a much simpler architecture to emulate, that will definely happen(same with Scarlet).


And given how game sizes are increasing tremendulously, making discs that can store more data is simply logical.


Now the reason why I say the rest is BS is simply because the VR market didnt explode like everyone wanted.No one will want to develop for a market of 3 or 4 millions(split in multiple platforms) when there is a market of hundreds of millions thats far easier to develop.So while I dont think Sony will abandon VR just yet, I dont think they will either bundle a VR device with the PS5 or something of the like.It would be Kinect XOne all over again.I dont even see them selling it as a acessory out of the gate with the PS5, but they would rather wait 1 or 2 years to do that.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Rumors only get my hopes up, to later have them crushed. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Backwards Compatibility is the one thing that I really want with Playstation 5.

But is 125gb blu Ray even enough? If certain ps4 games will go close to that limit then a lot of ps5 games will, whether year one or more importantly a few years into the ps5 life. I think this will further push digital which is taking over anyway.

BC will be a nice feature especially the first 2 years when ps5 only games won't be as frequent. A next gen psvr is important to me. I skipped gen 1 and I'm backing on gen 2 being a big improvement.

I think they'll really expand ps now and it will offer a lot of ps4 games and even ps5. PS Vue will get a big push too.

Most important for me is a powerful machine for a good price and good games from Sony and 3rd parties. I'm confident.

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This blu ray rumour is so stupid.

It's literally just a wild guess.

125 GB blu rays are possible but still unlikely to happen. so far it doesnt seem like a single company has been able to effectively mass produce even the 100 GB format discs (based on reviews) and the things are so expensive that game prices would have to be inflated again. probably $69.99 or $79.99 for the base game

Increasing disc space seems logical but idk if they'll actually implement them. Most games seem to still use one disc for this gen and I don't believe next gen will be a massive jump from this one so maybe they'll be able to get by using the same discs. BC should be a must for the PS5 at this point, if it doesn't have it I would really question the decision makers over at Sony. Hopefully, the price is 399 or below again.

Yeah, 125 GB blu-rays are not happening. They are not cost effective at all, if they used them instead of doing 2 or 3 dual-layer blu-rays the cost of physical games would increase above $60 for the first time in over 15 years, and gamers clearly don't want that to happen. Remember, all games are installed now anyway, so you'd only need to pop-in multiple discs when you go to install a game, after that you'd only need to pop-in the "play disc" when switching between games, like you do with the multi-disc Red Dead Redemption 2. Also, Sony is likely going to keep using standard dual layer blu-rays so that they can incentivize people to switch to digital, where the profit margin is higher for both Sony and the publishers of the games.

Obviously BC is the best of these rumors for me, as I don't care about VR and 125 GB blu-rays are not happening. 

99GB ultra hd blu ray discs seem more likely than 125gb discs. If physical media still exists bij then.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar