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Forums - General Discussion - 3 day ban


Should I have been banned?

Oui! 0 0%
Non! 0 0%
Hai! 0 0%
Ya! 0 0%
Yes 1 33.33%
No 1 33.33%
Haan! 0 0%
Nahi! 1 33.33%

I got banned because I criticised the US army and YS government. The reason given was that I ''flamed" or generalized an entire country when I was clearly talking about the government. Do you think it's legitimate to impose a ban for criticising a government and then claiming I did it to a nation?

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

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Pm a mod.

Usually insulting anyone who is not part of this forum is a free pass. I'm quite sure there isn't anyone of the US governement around here. So it is indeed puzzling.

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