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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation Vue Makes Live TV Easy On Fire TV

The NFL season is finally here, MLB playoffs are in full swing, and all the best shows are returning to prime time: there’s a lot of great stuff to watch. The only problem? All this amazing live content is often hard to find and confusing to navigate. We have good news for TV lovers. We’ve partnered with Sony’s PlayStation Vue to create a new seamlessly integrated experience — now Fire TV customers can easily discover and stream shows, live sports, and breaking news without frustration. 

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Playsation Vue Becomes First vMVPD Integrated Into Apple TV App

Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming service has become the first virtual pay TV platform to become available through the Apple TV app, the native application for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV devices.

The Vue app has been available for Apple's iOS and tvOS devices for some time. But this still matters to owners of those devices, since they don’t have to toggle between separate apps to find their programming. Users still need to download the Vue app to their device and log into their account. However, once they do, the Apple TV app will pull all of the live and on-demand programming they get through Vue and place it into relevant Apple TV buckets.

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The PS5 Exists. 

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Is this a big deal? Would be cool if we have Vue subscriber numbers.

I'm a Vue subscriber. I use it on FireTV and on my PS Quad Pro.

I love it.

It will neeevvvverrrr be coming to Canada. Our laws make TV streaming services a nightmare to get up and running. Still no Hulu here, for example. I'd have given Vue a try if I had the opportunity.

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Apparently it's coming to the apple TV app aswell

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Hopefully this will help with the misconception that you need a PlayStation for PS Vue. It is by far the best TV service in the US market, but it is struggling to gain any traction. Accroding to sources, the service only has about 500K subscribers, which trails the likes of YoutubeTV, SlingTV, Hulu with Live TV, and Direct TV Now.

If you are subscriber to a live TV service, you should really check out Vue. I have had the service since day one here in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and it is a huge step up over Comcast. It works great on every device I have tried it on, and I look forward to checking out how this works on FireTV when I visit my parents this weekend.

*Note* For XBO users, I'd just like to note that Vue works via the Edge browser on that platform. I've been using it off and on as I've been spending more time on XBO X lately.

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Slightly off topic....

Live TV streaming services, like Vue, have turned out to be pretty disappointing. If you get rid of cable TV, your internet service cost goes up. Then you subscribe to PSVue (or whatever), and you're getting close to the cost of cable TV to begin with - but with fewer channels (especially local sports). So, this whole cord cutting thing really only works is you truly get rid of TV-like services completely.

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