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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Uematsu says FFVIIR missed its original (2018) release date

In a interview with uematsu, sakaguchi and kitase a mention about ffviir original release date was censored...but seems it was to be happen this year...but could this mean even if missed the original timeframe, that game is not that far aeay...


The concert featured a few new and re-arranged tracks from the game, which led many to believe that Uematsu had finished if not done most of his work for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In the interview Uematsu was asked why he was doing this concert tour for Final Fantasy VII, to which Uematsu replied with “This year…” followed by a long censor bar:

This was followed by Sakaguchi and Kitase hilariously holding up the X sign, indicating that Uematsu wasn’t supposed to say that.


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Ya don't say?

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Yeah, I heard that a couple of days ago. I think the plan for the game was 2018 before they went back to the drawing board to start over. Personally, I think that means this will be a PS5 game. I don't know if that is the only reason they went back to the drawing board, but I'm sure it was a factor.

No shit.

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I wish Sakaguchi was part of the team remaking the game.

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It will probably miss 2019 aswell

Facts! The SquEnix way.

Hmm, pie.

I hope when this game is all done that Square will remake Crisis Core too.

No shit.

It not only missed its initial release date it probably not even remotely close to be released and might miss the entire gen.

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