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Forums - Sony Discussion - Days Gone delayed to April 26, 2019

personally i think it's better for the game, as first 3 months is is already packed with many games...

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This is good, the game looked rough around the edges. I'm honestly just as if not more excited for Concrete Genie than Days Gone.

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It was inevitable that something on the Feb 22 date was going to move.

Good move I guess, honestly I'm more interested with Concrete Genie between the two atm.


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So it is basically God of War 2019. I'm down with that. Hope it does well, otherwise I am a bit worried about Sony Bends future. This game has been in development for like 6 years.

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Smart move. Why try and compete for sales in a similar time frame when you don't really need to compete at all anymore this gen?

Bend probably don't mind a little more time for polish anyway. After GOW and Spidey they are going to really need all the wax they can get.


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Yeah january, february and march are crazy months next year

so far so good. the PS Blog comment section is civil and not all pitchfork and torches.

Sweet, was not gonna get it at lauch, but now maybe I do.
Too many games coming until March's end.