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Hey VGC,


MS just hired the Technical Director from Rockstar Games, who worked on Red Dead Redemption for their studio.

Here is a list of people who are currently working there:

- Darrell Gallagher, Head of studio, Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider)
- Tom Shepard, Technical Director, Rockstar Games (Red Dead Redemption)
- Brian Westergaard, lead producer, Sony Santa Monica (God of War)
- Daniel Neuburger, Game Director, Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider)
- William Archbell, Lead Multiplayer Engineer, 343 industries (Halo)
- Christian Cantamessa, Lead Game Designer, Rockstar Games (Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt 1&2, GTA San Andreas)


I think MS really want this studio to be big...

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Interesting list, I wonder how big MS wants The Initiative to be.

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A lot of talent at Microsoft ready for the next generation of Xbox. Quite exciting to see them finally push some real expansion.


They definitely have big things planned for The Initiative.

Still a weak name, but interested to see what they have planned.

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Looks like a promising studio.

I was thinking about this today after hearing the stories of crunch at rockstar.... if a company comes along with better conditions and a bit more professionalism, then its quite possible some of these really successful studios could see an outflow of staff. I think MS and Sony really could if they wanted to set up some more studios, really do some serious damage to the staff quality and benefit themselves in the long run.

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Out of all the next gen Microsoft studios, The Initiative, Ninja Theory, Playground Games, and Obsidian (if they get purchased) are the ones that I think should be leading the AAA front (along with staples like 343, Coalition, etc).

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The Initiative and Playground RPG Studio are both hiring big names both will be very important studios for MS going forward.

You've listed Brian Westergaard and Christian Cantamessa twice lol.. but aside from that, looks like quite the experienced bunch already and I wonder if Microsoft are eyeing anybody else to snatch up too, could turn out to be a great studio with a whole bunch of talent!