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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What will happen first? FFXVI Announcement or FFVII Remake Release

we know that we will not get much much information for FFVIIR before Kingdom Hearts 3 is released, but what about the next mainline you think SE could show us a announcement trailer before FFVIIR will be released or could we see it maybe next year at e3 for the first time?

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Fuck that's hard

More XV DLC chapters

Probably FF16

I really think Final Fantasy XV's support will extend to 2019... that doesn't necessarily mean FF16 won't be announced though.

Probably Final Fantasy 7 Remake ... if it is truly episodic

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Almost certainly FF16 announced. Expect that to come next year so Square fans can be properly hyped for its 2024 release date.

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ARamdomGamer said:
More XV DLC chapters

That's already happening 😂

This should be a poll

FFVIIR will come first. I believe square enix will let FFVIIR follow the FFXIII Trilogy format, together with the FFXV DLCs treatment.

Example: Going by their track record. FFXIII (2009), FFXIII-2 (2011), and then Lightning Returns: FFXIII (2013), and then FFXV came 3 years afterwards (2016).


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