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Forums - General Discussion - My issues with iOS

(There's no mobile discussion forum anymore?)

So I've recently had to use an iPad 6th gen 2017 that was given to me by my university (all new students got one) as a phone replacement temporarily as my phone finally died and the 6T isn't releasing until the end of this month, (I'm not gonna use my insurance and spend £50 on a replacement model I'll only have for a few weeks) 

And I'm really impressed by the hardware, mainly the speakers and the battery life, it's very very good. It's very fast and the bluetooth chip has good range (better than my laptop). 

But my god there are so many annoying little things about iOS that make me miss my android phone so much.

(Bare in mind I am using iOS 11 and until my university permits the ipad to update to 12 I cannot use it, although if any of these issues are fixed in iOS 12 I still find that silly and unacceptable that these basic things were only recently made available).



TL;DR: Using iPad on iOS 11

Here's my list:

Touch ID doesn't work when the ipad is locked, I have to press the button then use touch ID.

Swiping from the right to remove notifications I accidentally miss and open the camera, but swiping from the left doesn't close the camera as the first instinct is to undo the action.

If I unlock with the lock button at the top and use touch ID, I still need to press the home button to leave the lock screen.

App notifications are not joint together by app, instead I have a big stream of notifications from the same app that I can't swipe away all at once

There's no clear all button for notifications

There's no clear all button to close down all active apps, instead I'm having to swipe away each one individually after double tapping the home button

Just me or no chat heads on facebook messenger?! 

App store doesn't show download speed or how much of the app has been downloaded, just a circle that gives no meaningful information that you have to wait to complete. 

Every single time I search the app store the first result is an ad, minor issue but annoying after a while

There's no app drawer, every app on the ipad is on the main screen and to remove it but keep it installed you have to hide, but you can't hide all apps and if you hide the app there's no convenient way to open it, so I've put all the shit into a junk folder. I understand it's probably a preference but shouldn't apple give people the option?

Widgets can seriously be improved and should be able to go anywhere

No convenient way to quickly change the different types of system volumes


I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of. If anyone has any workarounds to any of these issues then please let me know!

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