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As some of you may have noticed, I've almost by default become the front-page poll admin. I've got a nice long list of for the most part one-off polls I intend to run, but I'd like to also have a long-running tournament-style series of polls that culminate in a winner each year.

I was trying to think of what topic would be good to use for such a format. Game of the year is out of the question because we already have a GotY process in place. I considered a 'best cancelled' game series (and even did a bunch of background research and came up with a long-list), but I ultimately think that's a bit niche. No, I think the best one to start us off will be a favourite developer tournament. Not exactly original, but when other sites have done it it seems to work out alright, so we'll give it a try.

So the first stage will be coming up with a nice long list of developers that'll compete in the tournament. That's what this thread is for.

So, tl;dr:

Please list the developers that you want to see included in a 'Favourite Developer of All-Time' tournament that'll run on the front page. Let's say a limit of 20 per person for now. No need to list them in order or anything like that - I just want to collect the names of the major developers to include in the tournament and make sure I don't miss any major ones out. You can list defunct developers.

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I'd say Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games (since the R&C days), Sony Santa Monica, CD Projekt Red, Rocksteady, and Kojima Productions.

from software
japan studio
tri ace
bandai namco
level 5
guerilla games
sucker punch
santa monica studios
square enix
platinum games
polyphony digital
media molecule
kojima production

Rockstar Games,From software,Santa Monica

-Nintendo EPD

-HAL Laboratories

-Monolith Soft

-Retro Studios

-WayForward Technologies

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Valve Corporation

Team Ico

Blizzard North

Rockstar North

Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool


Blizzard Entertainment

Irrational Games/2K Boston


Evolution Studios

Relic Entertainment

Cavedog Entertainment


Game Freak

Core Design/Rebellion

Ubisoft Montreal

Ubisoft Montpellier

Frontier Developments

Creative Assembly

Metanet Software

from software
square enix
TaleWorlds Entertainment 

These are the ones that can make me hyped to buy their games day 1 right now, square enix is quickly falling from this list too, i am just waiting to see if FF7 remake is good or not, and how the next main series entry looks like, they need to change something because what they are currently doing aint cutting it no more.

Let me just plug in here how hyped I am for Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. I cant tell you in words how much enjoyment I got from playing moded versions of M&B Warband.

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Monolith Soft
Platinum Games
Nintendo EPD (former: SPD + EAD)
Sony Santa Monica
Atlus/P Studio
Intelligent Systems
Square Enix
Retro Studios

Here goes nothing.

-Id Software
-Raven Software
-The Neverhood
-Bullfrog Productions
-Arkane Studios
-Ion Storm
-Westwood Studios
-Crystal Dynamics
-3D Realms/Apogee
-Monolith Productions
-Human Head Studios
-Blizzard Entertainment
-Sonic Team
-Sega AM2
-Looking Glass Studios/Blue Sky Productions
-Origin Systems

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1) Blizzard Entertainment. - StarCraft, Diablo.
2) Bullfrog Entertainment. - Dungeon Keeper.
3) Westwood Studios. - Command and Conquer.
4) Ensemble Studios. - Age of Empires.
5) Relic Entertainment. - Company of Heroes, Homeworld.
6) Digital Anvil. - Freelancer.
7) Blue Byte - The Settlers.
8) Stardock. - Sins of a Solar Empire.
9) Lionhead Studios. - Black and White.
10) Firaxis. - Civilization, Alpha Centauri.

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