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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony Japan Studio Event at December, 1st

it sounds like a fan event, but don't know, somehow i have the feeling they want to announce something new...

oday Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the Japan Studio “Fun” Meeting 2018.

The event will be hosted on December 1st at Sony’s own SSJ Shinagawa Building in Tokyo, and it’s a reprisal of an event hosted around Tokyo Game Show 2017.

Many developers from Japan Studio will be in attendance to meet 100 fans, which will be selected via an application form. Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida will also attend.

The event will include an exhibition, live panels, and playable games, while attendees will be able to enjoy a standing buffet and swag.

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Ooo, neat!


Another "Let's Pretend To Have Something To Announce So We Can Hurt BraLoD even more" event.

Could be interesting.

SIE Japan is such a talented studio and I hope to see them get bigger projects in addition to the smaller.

Dream would be The Legend of Dragoon Remake/2 and Ape Escape 4 but yeah....

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sounds like a meet up, doubt anything significant will be announced. Maybe release dates, DLC and some smaller 3rd party.
anything else would be bonus

sounds like the 100 selected girls and guys are in for a treat

they should do a meet up to celebrate 100m when they get there

God bless You.

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