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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Konami recreated Website of "Suikoden"

as we know konami, maybe it doesn't mean much, or we could see a revival for mobile phones...would be nice to see a new one for consoles...


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Interesting. It might signal remasters or just re-releases. On the other hand since the site is in Japanese, these games might only come out in Japan.

All I want is for a re-release of the mainline games which I never played.

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I'd be very happy with re-releases of the original two games, just so I don't have to pull out my PS3 to play them. December is the 20th anniversary of Suikoden 2.

Even better if they released them on the Switch.


Probably another mobile game.

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I'm not getting my hopes up for Konami.

It'd be nicer if Konami just sold their IP as I doubt they'll do anything of note with that series again.

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Suikoden II on PS Classic confirmed.

I'll see what they're up to first before going crazy for this news. (deep inside wanting a new installment or a collection of the main series in remastered form or something)


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BraLoD said:
Suikoden II on PS Classic confirmed.

You want to compete with me or something? HUH!?


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