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Forums - Movies Discussion - Anime-Fight: One Piece vs Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto


Your favorite Fighting-Anime between this 3 is..?

One Piece 6 19.35%
Dragon Ball Z 20 64.52%
Naruto 2 6.45%
Its hard to say, because.. 2 6.45%
see results. 1 3.23%

What is the best fighting-shounen for you and why ? I like all three anime, its hard to say :) And Bleach was good too.

But here are the questions for you: A poll / a little fight between Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and One Piece :)

1. Which of these three anime do you think has the best fights ?

2. Best story ?

3. Which characters are the best for you ?

ps. A great info- Soon a new Dragon Ball-movie will be released in the old DBZ-design :)

I'm looking forward to your thoughts and opinion :)

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1, Naruto had the best fights
2. Best story is probably Naruto again
3. DBZ had the better characters'(if were counting DB/DBZ/Super)

I'd have to with Naruto having the best story because I liked the way the story progressed over the course of kid naruto to adult naruto and how you got learn about nearly every individual character.

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I haven't watched One Piece but your questions

1. Which of these three anime do you think has the best fights ?

Naruto has some of the best animations in fights (even if the show doesn't have consistent good animations), so I go with Naruto here

2. Best story ?

Naruto up until Pain arc if you exclude the filler. Dragon Ball was very good until the Saiyans/Freezer

3. Which characters are the best for you ?

Dragon Ball, Vegeta has to be one of my favorite characters and you can't deny DB forged most of the shonen character molds

All in all I still prefer Dragon Ball even if I acknowledge it's many flaws. None are nearly the best anime I've seen but I still have them as my favorites

There is a pretty good reason One Piece continues to be the best selling manga by a wide margin and holds basically all the records. It's one of the most epic works of fiction I've ever come across. It's a legitimate masterpiece in terms of story layout to the point that it makes Game of Thrones seem like something that was cobbled together on the fly. It's so well designed and interwoven that it has few equals in all of literature. The mangaka is a genius.

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am I the only one who prefers Dragon Ball over Z?

Mmm.. let's see:

DBZ: Hasn't aged well. I have re-watched a couple of episodes recently and discovered that some things that didn't bother me back then, annoy me now.  For example, how everybody just stand still waiting for their opponents to finish whatever transformation they are doing.

Naruto: Way too many filler episodes. Like, waaaaaay too many. And let's not even talk about the flashbacks.But still, I still loved it until the Kage's summit arc. After that it went downhill for me.  The whole "we thought this character was the leader but he was being manipulated by this other character, and him by this other, and him by this other, etc etc etc. just didn't do it for me.

 And the whole "out of space evil" was just too much for me as well in a story that was supposed to be about Ninjas.

Neddless to say, I dropped it at the moment of Madara's "resolution". That was the breaking point for me.

One Piece: I have been enjoying it so far but one thing that annoys me to no end is how overly dramatic this anime is. Like, there is a fine line between Drama and Melodrama and One Piece crossess that line.

I hate how EVERYBODY cries in this anime. And they cry over the most simple little things. And when they cry over something that is remotely important then they go on and on and on about it. Like, dude, I get that you're sad about this boat, but it's being 20 minutes already! cant we just move on with the story?

I still remember this one episode where there was this dude who didn't know how to cook beans properly.  Then Sanji showed up and taught him how to do it.  And then he was crying, and there was dramatic-epic music in the background, and there were flashbacks, and there was more crying.

And I was like, "wait, are they really trying to make me feel something over a dude learning how to cook beans?"


Anyways, I will go with DBZ because I think its flaws were overshadowed by the thrill it gave me every single week.

Even though it’s not in the poll, bleach had some amazing fights. Maybe even second to dB. Although Naruto had a dbz like fight against orochimaru early into shippuden. But it had too many fillers.

Then one piece had some fantastic fights too with luffy against lucci.

But dB will always be my favorite fighting shonen. There’s always something exciting happening whereas Naruto and one piece progress pretty slowly to tell their story.

They all suck.

(well DBZ not so much, but it peaked on the Freeza saga)


For Shonen, I'd recommend Jojo's, Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter, in that order.

Hinomaru no Zumou is a recent shonen manga with an upcoming anime adaptation and it's pretty good too.

I sort of have to default to Dragon Ball Z here since it's the only one of the three I've actually watched, Naruto has never interested me and due to the fandom behind it, I sort of don't even want to get into it anyway... as for One Piece, now that's something I HAVE wanted to get into, either through manga or anime, it looks like something I'd enjoy but I've just never gotten started.