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What do you think of this game now? 

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I think it's a good, if uneven game that was something of a return to form for the series. Not on the level of the best games in the series, but an enjoyable experience nonetheless. The pacing is the biggest issue I had with the game, as the story seems to stop for long periods of time and then suddenly take a massive leap forward. The rest of the game I generallý liked a lot, and even the story is good, just told kind of poorly.

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I actually rented this one, and I got bored really quickly. I just didn't really care about what was going on with Noctis' road trip.

A terrible game with clunky character control and combat mechanics, uneven story, an "open world" that is not actually open and some of the worst protagonist party in the series. At least the music is God-Tier and the game itself is gorgeous.

So... it looks good, it sounds good... but if you look past that you'll see nothing but bullshit.

Best one they've made since 10, if you exclude the MMO's. That's how it ranks for me, so its better than 10-2,12,entire 13 series to me

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I gotta agree woth Amy, I haven't played 13 but if you exclude 14 (The MMO which is the best FF game in my opinion and 11) it's the best since 10... actually, scratch that. I played 10 recently up until the blitz ball tournament and I think FF15 will stand up better than it. Best in the series since 9 and it's refreshing to have no random fights every 2 steps you take plus if you add in the film as part of the story, I think it was a stellar story only broken by some obvious troubles putting it together. My only gripe is that that awful chapter at the end, chapter 13? I think. I don't go back to games unless they're among my GoTG so if they've fixed this game since it doesn't count for me.
All in all, I think it's better than mediocre and even though I haven't watched the video labelling it as such is shameful. God forbid ya come across a truly mediocre game and you'll think you've found the E.T of the 21st century.


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The Royal Edition is the game we should have got at launch, not the half finished game we did get.

Liked it when it first came out and now that I see what could have and should have been in the game from Day 1 gets me really disappointed in how big and amazing game it really should have been. Some sections of the game I enjoyed but felt half baked and wanted so much more of. Tabata lied about the game's main story being 50hrs long. It was really only 25. We deserved truly a 40hr story with this game. In that time all the characters could have been fleshed out more and time for them to grow. I still liked them very much in what we got but I wanted more overall.


Walbert said: 
The Royal Edition is the game we should have got at launch, not the half finished game we did get.

Hell I still think its really only 75% complete in its current state. 

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It was actually a pleasant surprise for me... when it first released everyone seemed disappointed with it and said it was bad, and people still say that even now, which meant I had to lower my expectations, so I went in expecting mediocrity and a meh story, but it was actually really fucking good, the only problem I had was the pacing of the story, and how it was basically a multimedia project to get through it all since it was split into anime shorts and a film too, but put it all together and it's actually a pretty solid story that is unfortunately riddled with some glaring pacing issues through the game, but those aside, and without playing any of the DLC episodes, I can still say it's in the upper half of Final Fantasy games for me.

Also anyone that says the music is bad is just straight up lying, lol :P

For what my opinion is worth since FF15 was the first Final Fantasy i've finished i though it was a really great game. Combat was actually a highlight to me and i really liked the world

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