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I choose...

Wii for the win! 48 62.34%
Wii U all the way! 29 37.66%

In your opinion, which was the better console, and why?

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Better price. Two 3D Mario Games. Two 3D Zeldas.

Wii U games looked nicer for obvious reasons, but the Wii wins by far for me because of its library:

- Twilight Princess (#4 on my Zelda list) and Skyward Sword (Probably my favorite game ever).
- Both Super Mario Galaxy games. Not one amazing 3D Mario, but two!
- Super Paper Mario. One of the best stories in a Nintendo game, was also very fun.
- Wii Sports Resort/Wii Party/Wii Fit Plus. Spent hours upon hours playing these with friends and by myself.
- Mario Kart Wii. 8 is better in a lot of ways, but I have a soft spot for this one. Also, unlockables were actually challenging to get.
- Epic Mickey. Looking back it wasn't that great, but at the time it was a pretty cool concept and I loved it.
- The amazing music in the menus (Main menu, Mii channel and the Wii Shop).

Things that I loved about Wii U though:
- HD graphics (duh).
- Smash Bros. U was way better than Brawl.
- Bayonetta 1&2. Best blind purchase I've ever made.
- Online was pretty good (No more friend codes, Miiverse was kinda cool, connection was solid)
- Splatoon.
- Finally got to play Wind Waker with the HD remaster (Please port to Switch, thanks).

You asked my opinion, so WiiU it is.

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I loved Skyward Sword on the Wii and the 3D Mario games are great, but that is where it ends with me.

WiiU has the best version of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, it gave us Bayo 2, delivered with a new IP I'm Splatoon, has Breath of the Wild, and while the library was smaller in general, WiiU games appealed to me more than most of what the Wii offered. Heck I can even give it to the WiiU due to more traditional controls if nothing else.

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This is easy to answer. Wii U was the better console, because it led to Switch.

Compare that to Wii which led to Wii U. Devastating.

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Wii, i would honestly say it's really underrated. There's a ridiculous amount of hidden gems on the system you just have to dig through all of the mini game collections and bowling games

I will go with the Wii. I bought more games for that console than any other I have ever owned. I am still thinking about picking up a few more used games for it.

It is a lot closer than you would think though. I really do love the concept of the touch screen in the controller. I am playing Affordable Space Adventures right now and it makes fantastic use of the touch screen.

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WiiU gamepad is one of the best controller .

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For its time definitely Wii, revolutionary, there's no denying that. For a pure gaming console, Wii U is my pick.