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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mike Morhaime is stepping down from Blizzard

Big news just came in.

MIke Morhaime is stepping down as president and CEO of Blizzard Entertainment.
He will remain as advisory to the company.

His successor is J. Allen Brack, the executive producer on World of Warcraft.


Message from both:


That is pretty crazy and unexpected. Morhaime shaped Blizzard and made it into the big success it is today.
He also way a great public face of the company. Pretty sure he will be missed a lot.

Wonder if J. Allen Brack can fill the hole he leaves.

Edit: Additional Info
Chief development officer Ray Greko and Blizzard founder Allen Adham will join Blizzard's executive leadership team.

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This obviously will be somewhat of an end of an era for Blizzard. Like it is when any President/CEO steps down.
I don't know who he is or what games he made, but all I'll say is...

"You did good Mike. You did good."

Stepping down when he's barely 50?