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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Red Dead Redemption 2 runs native 4K on XBOX One X


What a site it will be to behold! I don’t have Xbox but I’m a total graphics monger and will definitely check it out on my buddy’s console. 


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is it checkerboarded on the PS4pro?
because didnt Rockstar come out and say "RDR2 will be 4K on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro"


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IIRC, the beta versions ran at a 1920x2160 resolution and just stretched the picture horizontally to get 4K. Wouldn't surprise me if the One X is able to maintain a proper 4K a lot of the time (albeit probably with some dynamic scaling involved), while the Pro ends up running at something in-between like 2560x2160.

Wouldn't expect anything else from the most powerful console. Still, Rockstar do some pretty impressive things with their games.

Probably dynamic resolution.

Been amazing how many games do run at native 4k on my Scorpio though. There was so much talk about how there would barely be any.

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Wow, if a game with graphics as good as RDR2 is native 4k on XB1 X I will be seriously impressed by Rockstar's programming skills. Most graphically demanding games run at 1800p at most on XB1 X, some even less than that. We know that PS4 Pro is running at 1920 x 2160 in the gameplay trailers, which is half of native 4k.

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I guess I'll pre-order. Hopefully I'm done with my replay of the entire Resident Evil saga by the time it launches.

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