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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rockstar claims that RDR2 has 1000 voice actor cast, making it the largest ever in a game

Here is the current top 5 from what I could find:

1. Detroit: Become Human- 250

2. LA Noire- 200 

3. Fallout 4- 140

4. Bully- 130

5. Smite- 130

So, RDR2 will have a cast 4 times larger than the current #1. Absolutely crazy. The budget surely exceeds GTA V's $265m. 

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A Fallout game? That's surprising.


This number also beats the record for largest voice cast ever from what I can find, which is currently held by The Simpsons, which has had around 800 cast members across 30 seasons and 640 episodes.


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Damn, what was the budget for this game?

Wow. This certainly must be expensive.

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Holly hell. This game is so ambitious... I need this

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Thats... alot.It has no regards to the game quality, but its an impressive number nonetheless.

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