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Forums - Sony Discussion - What year do you think PS5 will come out?


What year do you think PS5 will come out?

2019 9 10.84%
2020 61 73.49%
2021 12 14.46%
2022 0 0%
2023 and beyond! 1 1.20%

Just making this poll, since there has been a lot of discussion about it in the PSX thread. 

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March 2020.

November 2020

Still think 2020

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I am guessing that it will launch sometime in 2020. The PlayStation 4 still has a lot of steam, and it has some big titles next year. I imagine that whatever games that are revealed for the PlayStation 4 next year will likely be cross-generation titles.

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Year 2019 slowing down, with a last cycle of games (dev launched last year or a couple of years ago already, the new developments being launched on PS5). It will still be a pretty strong year sales-wise, but lower than 2018 with very few new announcements and surely a price-cut.

Year 2020 keeping the same trend. Announcement of the new Xbox and Playstation at E3 2020 (possible pre-announcement before that though), launch around November 2020 for Christmas.

I've posted this before, but this has always been my prediction:

PS1: December 3, 1994
PS2: March 4, 2000 - 63 months
PS3: November 11/17, 2006 (jp/na) - 80 months
PS4: November 2013 (na) - 84 months

Being conservative and giving a wide window range I would expect to see:

PS5: November 2019 - 72 months or November 2020 - 84 months

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dharh said:

PS5: November 2019 - 72 months or November 2020 - 84 months

Yeah I think this 12 month period. Either November or March (like others are suggesting). I think it really comes down to when Sony knows devs will have PS5 only games ready.

Also I doubt PS4 will lose a lot of momentum. Give it a healthy price cut, still have the big Sony games release on it (TloU, Death S, etc), while continuing support for GaaS games like GtSport, and continue to release the odd port/ PS2 or PSP Classic. There will still be a market for the console as a 2nd device or for cheaper demographics.

Of course I probably wouldn't but a PS5 in 2019, so theres that.

Very likely it will be 2020.

I'm guessing 2020 since 2019 still has a really good lineup of games for the PS4.

Ghosts of Tsushima, Last of Us Part 2, Dreams, Days Gone, etc. Though they're not all confirmed for 2019.

I would personally be fine with waiting till 2021 though, since this generation already feels too short to be at its end imo, but I don't think that's gonna be the case. 

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