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Forums - General Discussion - I started the Carnivore diet yesterday and have been starving to death! stopped, too painful

Yesterday I had three whopper jrs from Bk, with no buns or veggies, then for dinner I had chicken and cheese.


Today I bought a sausage biscuit with just the ssausage.


By lunch I had 4 bacon burgers. Two hours later all I could think about was more food. Not my sales at work, not anything. Got home and was maniacal, laughing hysterically telling my fiance I had to eat right now!

Had two porkchops, multiple eggs and a half pound of cheese.


Finally feeling full, but my body is still missing something. When will I normalize?

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I thought the whole point of the carnivore died was to eat healthy meat not a whole bunch of fast food. That sounds like the opposite of a healthy diet.

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You need slow burning complex carbs in your diet to help fuel you throughout the day. Buy a book called Bigger Leaner Stronger. Read it and follow the instructions. Keto/Atkins is for lazy fatsos, and only works by accident when it works at all. People that find success through Keto or Atkins did so because they accidentally wound up being on a low calorie high protein diet with just enough carbs unintentionally added in. But a high protein low calorie diet that cuts your calories to 75% of your daily needs, while still getting enough carbs isn't keto or atkins anymore. It's a proper diet.

Well without all that bread filler and occasional heavy vegetable filler you won't feel full. If you are truly going grain and veggie free, then you will simply have to make a lot more meat, eggs and cheese.

If 2000 calorie is necessary to not be hungry that would be like 8-10 burgers, add a bunch of cheese and eggs and that would maybe be reduced to 6-8. But if your usual calorie intake is much higher than that is a lot more meat.

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I’d tried 23-hour fasting and that worked for me. I went from 220 to 199 in 36 days. I’ve shot back up to 211 however. If you’re gonna do the carnivore diet it’s best to eat healthier foods. Fast food is bad no matter when and how you eat it. Maybe healthier, more robust meats (i.e. chicken breast and steak) would curb your cravings?


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Cerebralbore101 said:
You need slow burning complex carbs in your diet to help fuel you throughout the day.

Well. No you don't.
I have no carbs in my diet and I am bulking.

spurgeonryan said:

Finally feeling full, but my body is still missing something. When will I normalize?

Maybe in a week or two... I suggest you look into what Ketogenesis is.
Protein is extremely filling and will satiate your hunger once you are in a ketotonic state... At that point you should start to eat less overall.

Don't be afraid to OMAD if you want faster gains.

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That’s because all that fast food is worth exactly nothing in nutricion value. Just stick to a varied diet of normal portions. A little bit of everything. It’s not difficult.

You're craving carbohydrates. That's it. It's the same case with the keto diet, and people go through so called "keto flu". It lasts only few days, though. But I'm not sure whether completely excluding veggies from your diet is a good idea.