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PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
69,445 95,368 19,251 222,531
54,914 51,903 44,868 176,928
57,123 29,596 52 97,993
19,648 16,053 7,212 45,927
28 155 2,336 2,627


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Is this the Spiderman week?

estebxx said:
Is this the Spiderman week?


So, eventually Spider-Man wasn't a big system seller despite PS4 Pro's edition. Maybe PS4 is near to saturation

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Looks like we'll have to wait till next round of sales numbers to get the idea of what impact Spider-Man had. Game came out Sept 7th, this tracks to sept 8th. So this accounted for only one day of sales right? 

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Another commanding lead for the ps4 this week and I've a feeling it's undertracked

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Still well over 200k impressive to say the least .

Wow, those PS4 numbers are... extremely disappointing considering that was Spider-Man week.

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That Q2 won't be fantastic for the Switch.... They had to make 4M on this Q2 to keep a chance for the 20M goal.

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I was expecting more than this... I thought Spiderman would give some kinda boost at least... this seems as nothing.

Even tho spidey came out Sept 7th and this tracks to sept 8th I feel like this is a little bit disappointing,I wouldn’t be surprised if this is undertracked tho