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Forums - Gaming Discussion - SpecOps missions in Call of Duty

I freaking loved the specOps missions in Call of Duty modern warfare 2 and 3. It let me improve on myself every time I played them, and quite motivating to get those stars. Besides in coop those missions were a blast. I really miss that part of call of duty. Am I the only one to miss them?

Why havent any of the call of duty developers done specops in their latest games?

Am I part of a small minority who loved specops missions, and commercially none developers saw it as a necessity to include it in the games any more?

Is the zombies part really that loved by gamers? I can't stand the zombies part of call of duty, never could.

Never really saw any interview or article about why the developers ditched the specops part...

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It was a Infinity Ward thing. The popularity of Zombies in Treyarch CoDs meant that the '3rd mode' was just standardised as Zombies since like Black Ops 2. Ghost had Extinction and Advance had Exo, since it's just been Zombies. Yet they were all just survival games. So essentially you have Campaign, PvP and PvE.

Hmm, pie.

Completely agree with you, I really miss them too. Back in the day SpecOps missions were Infinity Ward exclusive and Zombie Mode was Treyarch exclusive. Really wish they would go with this routine again because it sucks that everyone of the developers is doing Zombie Modes nowadays. Treyarch are the ones who make the best Zombie mode imo. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer should stick to something different.

I loved them too. It's a shame infinity ward lost their wwy.

Yeah I love them too. MW2 is such a well rounded package in part because of their inclusion.

That said, I think the departure of SpecOps is the least of the franchise’s worries.

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Zombies is to blame. WaW was the first game to have zombies, and it was an unexpected success, far more people played it than Treyarch had expected, it was designed as a fun side mode, a distraction. When MW2 used SpecOps as it's 3rd mode the following year, it wasn't nearly as popular as zombies had been for WaW. Then Black Ops 1 released and it's zombies mode was even more popular than WaW's had been. Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer tried SpecOps one more time in MW3, and it still wasn't nearly as popular as they had hoped it would be. After that, Zombies popularity continued to grow, so Infinity Ward decided to do a similar mode with Aliens in place of zombies for CoD Ghosts, but it too wasn't as popular as zombies. So finally the other 2 CoD studios gave up trying to find their own creative 3rd modes for CoD and started doing zombies as well, now all 3 put zombies modes in their games.

On a side note, I hate CoD zombies and lament the rise of it's popularity.