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Forums - Sony Discussion - Soul Calibur 6 Open BETA (Stress test) is out now

Are they ever adding amy from SC4? probably not?

I game on all consoles and PC

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The narrator for the title of the game sounds so bored.

On it, I'll be able to play tonight but not the rest of the weekend.

Hmm, pie.

I didn't know that. Gonna try it out tonight, thanks.
It has my characters. (Xianghua and Ivy)

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It's on my US PSN account as SOULCALIBUR VI Network Test. Downloading...

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"Current Unavailable." Ah well.

Hmm, pie.

Is Seong Waifu in the demo?

i got excited, then saw EU... back to something else. I will check later on the store for it to see.

and hope the servers will be up then, sounds server reliant, so guess this will be a rental, or wait until its much cheaper if the final is server reliant.


Downloaded it but servers are down, damn.

Man still says currently unavailable for me. Sad times.

Hmm, pie.