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Forums - Sales Discussion - Black Ops 4 sales Prediction!

It seems like this cod is going to be the best selling cod this gen or even in general.


I expect 15-20m for the PS4 version and 5-10m for the Xbox version.


Edit: The last mainstream Battle Royale game sold 40-50m which is none other than PUBG, and Blackout has often been referred to as a more refined and polished PUBG, just keep that in mind.

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So much hype here for Black ops 4 I see

By the end of the year
PS4- 15m
XBO- 8m
PC- 3m
PS4- 21m
XBO- 11m
PC- 4.5m

I expect first week numbers to be beyond 6 million physical copies across all platforms ( easily 8M+, digital included ). That would be a nice increase from WW2's FW numbers.

I haven't played a CoD game since Modern Warfare 2 in college. I'm considering picking up this one, but there are so many games that I'm looking forward to in the next couple months that it's going to have to compete for my time.

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I'm not sure about those numbers,

I think it will sell the least (or around the least) out of all the BlackOps

PS4: 16M
XB1: 8M

I'm guessing that in the end, it'll sell about as many copies as WWII did, give or take. Though the real wildcard is gonna be how many of the people claiming they're gonna buy this game just to stick two fingers up at EA and DICE actually go through with it.

Lifetime sales
PS4 20m
XBO 14m
PC 6m
Switch 0m avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

If Blackout becomes separate more.

Hmm, pie.