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Forums - Sony Discussion - How do you think about "SONY COPYING NINTENDO?

Sony did it again, playstation classic remember you at something? right, mini version from nes and snes from nintendo. not the first time...i'm a big sony fan but i'm not always happy when sony comes up with ideas from you think sony should try their own thing or is it o.k that sony comes up with ideas from nintendo?

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Zero shits given. Throughout the entire history of our species we have copied from the past. Sometimes straight up copy, more often copy with refinement and additions.

BTW Nintendo didn't do it first.

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Not sure I'd call it copying just Nintendo. Sony seems to me they'll emulate anything if it has shown it can be successful.

If there's a market for something, Sony, being a conglomerate, may enter it. In this case, the mini-console market.

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Well, some copying is more embarassing than other. The PS Classic is an idea that makes sense regardless of who came up with it first, which was not Nintendo, by the way.

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I mean you can't deny they haven't done it before at least most recently with their own "Classic" branded console, but's just all fun and games to joke about. No need to take it too seriously or get needless worked up about it.

Maybe in some cases if you use the word "inspired" by Nintendo it comes off less threatening.

But all company's band wagon on trends no matter the source, and yes Sony has done this with the source of the trend yes being from Nintendo.

Tbf, it's not like Sony always ends up being successful when they do this.

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I don't think anything of it. I do think quite poorly of those that complain about it though.

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Copying what is selling is what the video game industry is all about. It's easy money. If consumers are willing to pay a lot more than what the production costs are out of pure nostalgia it only makes business sense to exploit that sentimentality for easy profits.

Sony's always been way too obvious when taking Nintendo's ideas, and the PS Classic is no different. I don't mind the fact that Sony is making a 'classic' console, but I have a problem with the way they're marketing it. The way they're marketing the PS Classic is stupidly similar to the way Nintendo marketed the NES and SNES Classic. The promotional image they're using of a hand holding the console just proves my point.


Copying, refining, improving.... I call all of it progress. Good on Sony, Nintendo, MS, Sega, and everyone else for moving gaming forward.