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Forums - Sony Discussion - After so many years in Playstation online from 2009 some guy sent a pic of his huge junk .


Have you recieved dick pics PSN/XBL before?

Yes 3 10.00%
No 27 90.00%
Maybe 0 0%

I don't know how to feel other than that person thinks I'm a girl and am interested has anyone else recieved dick pics? It happened today 

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I've gotten no dick pics but my XB username is NnjaPrncssPeach which I think has resulted in me getting lots of friend requests from guys...

I wasn't interested, needless to say.

When I started WoW, my first character was a female Elf. I'd always get flirty message whenever I played. Eventually I just started answering all of them with, "Ni hao?"

I once received an ass pic on XBL. Never a dick though.

On PlayStation Home I made a hot girl as my “Mii” or whatever. Dudes just hovered and it was clear I would use male avatars from then on.

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Interesting had only girl request who wanted webcam chat and i ignored them




A girl I used to play with on XBL, unsolicited, sent me a series of sexy pics. No PSN cock though.

In the last few years on PSN, I have received a fair amount of messages from people who were either legitimate cam-girls trying to lure me into their gingerbread house, or someone posing as a cam-girl trying to scam me out of credit card info. No pics though. Did have some fun conversations with the "cam-girls". Took screenshots of a few of them.

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So glad i havent, gross. i usually ignore unsolicited names, especially if they have a 0 for score or no trophies, its BS from the get go.


Nobody dares send a dick pic to somebody named "Bananaking".

I randomly recieved full body nudes from a "girl" on PSN during the PS3 generation.  "She" claimed she wanted dick picks of me jerking it and was just looking for someone to exchange pics with.  I politely declined, and "she" proceeded to ask if I had any if I had a friends that would exchange pics with her.  I informed her that I am a hermit and do not have RL friends and "she" went on her merry way.


Now I do not know if "she" was the same person from those pics nor if "she" was serious or trolling, but I do know that the odds of our planet being pushed out of our solar system by a white hole are higher than her being legit.


That is the only time something like this had happened to me over any of the three networks.  I voted yes because while there was no dick in the pics due to the person in them being a woman and all, everything else was present and I feel like that qualifies for the subject at hand.

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