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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony has no excuse to not release PS1 games digitally anymore

With the announcement of PlayStation Classic Sony has openly declared they are ok with PlayStation games being played on modern screens (HD and above) as the system will rely on a HDMI connection to display the games from the emulator (the PS3 could still technically be played with composite/component video connections). They have no excuses anymore.

So I'm expecting a digital release of PlayStation Classics for the PS4 to be announced soon as well (and yes, PlayStation officially emulated games have been called PlayStation Classics over PlayStation Network for about a decade now).

Trophy support would be greatly appreciated too.


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Well we've already got FF7 and FF9.

More would be great though!

Well, on PS4 Sony values resolution a lot, so maybe they will hold of the PS1 classics, or maybe they will make it easier to have upres

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So, uh, you think modern display technology is the reason for not having PS1 games on PS4, because... reasons? Unless Sony has actually claimed this to be a reason, I don't see any reason to consider it a plausible reason, and even if Sony has said claimed this to be a reason, I still don't consider it a plausible reason.

Also, I'll take the PS1 games on PS4 yesterday, thank you! I took PS1 on PS4 for granted after they were supported on PS3 and was sorely disappointed by Sony's incompetence with the issue. I have pretty much zero expectations at this point and even if Sony does manage to get PS1 games on PS4, it'll still be very late.

I want them to respect the legacy of PS1-PS2 more.

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They could drop what Xbox does. Agree with publishers BC deals and have that same game on sale digitally in Thier store.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Well we've already got FF7 and FF9.

More would be great though!

Those are PC ports.

If they have trophy support, sure.

Else, no thanks.

puts head up ass.....

they dont need an excuse, they are the leading selling console maker. they will not give any as they believe they owe none.

takes head out of ass....

just staying on message.


edit: even though i think your right OP, just the arrogance lately, knows no bounds.

they also seem alot more able to listen to "the players" when not so far ahead, like when ps2 was out king of the mountain which lead to the ps3 disastrous launch, which they did turn around but much much more humble at the start of the ps4 launch, kinda gone to hell since the big numbers they have been boasting. also what happened to shu? he used to be allover the place, if he is out there, i havent seen him in awhile.

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Didn't one of the Sony Executives say that you the audience would never want to play something like that.