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What are some indie games that you are excited about, especially (but not exclusively) ones coming in 2018?


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Monster Boy : The Cursed Kingdom !

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Not sure if it counts, but i'm really excited to play Shovel Knight: King of Cards!


Mar1217 said:
Monster Boy : The Cursed Kingdom !


Ultravolt said:

Not sure if it counts, but i'm really excited to play Shovel Knight: King of Cards!

Both of those, plus Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night  and some assorted games I backed on Kickstarter, especially Nighthawks:

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The Gardens Between 
Eastward (hoping for a console port)
VA-11 Hall-A (console release)
YIIK A Postmodern RPG 
Mineko’s Night Market
Untitled Goose Game
Disco Elysium (hoping for a console port)
Kentucky Route Zero (console version)
Children of Morta
Radio The Universe (another one i hope gets a console port)

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Aragami. It got announced for the Switch and I bought it on the PS4 when it first came out and I kind of sped through it so I’m highly anticipating playing it again, it’s an amazing game.

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My Friend Pedro is by far the one I'm anticipating the most.

Sable is a close second that takes some inspirations from Breath of the Wild, but its development kinda concerns me so I try not to get too excited about it;

The Gardens Between looks cool;

Gato Roboto and GRIS are two really cool games that came out of Gamescom;

Wargroove I think is on everyone's radar for quality indie games

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Lamplight City
The Sundew
The Longing
Pendula Swing
My Memory of Us
Tales of the Neon Sea
3 Minutes to Midnight
Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure
Detective Di - The Silk Rose Murders
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don’t Dry
Forgotten Anne (Switch version)
Kentucky Route Zero (Switch version)

Monster Boy
Industries of Titan
Folk Tale


Hollow knights Voidheart edition ps4 release. 5 days 9 hours. I can't wait and even though I wanna play a metroid vania between now and then I'm afraid to incase I dampen the impact. Goibg to stick with Deadcells and Divinity OS2 combo after plating spiderman.

Aside from that there are a few indie psVR titles and flat titles I'm excited for.

Beat saber
Creed rise to glory
Star child
Call of cathulu

Off the top of my head and there is quite the amalgamation of titles that released lately that I have yet to play like Deaths gambit, Chasm, Guacmelee 2, Transference (the Frodo bagging developed VR game) and I really wanna just chill in VR with some fish with Catch and release.

...mostly Hollow knights ps4 release. Counting the days.