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Which Game will come on top in October 2018 NPD?

Red Dead Redemption 2 23 45.10%
Black Ops 4 22 43.14%
roblox 6 11.76%

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Y’all underestimate Red Dead trust me + COD isn’t that powerful in 2018

It would need to strongly pick up the pace to even halfway keeping up with CoD. In fact, like I said in another thread, it's performance on Amazon and Gamestop feels pretty underwhelming so far and not (at least not yet) in line with the predictions of many fans. Mind you, this may change of course, but as much as I hear the fans shouting greatness is coming (and I don't doubt it will, considering the quality of the first one), I can't find nearly enough hype to cover their sales expectations

On YouTube it seems to be doing more than fine

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Probably COD BO4, but RDR2 will outsell it in the long run it is a Rockstar game after all.

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I think BO4 will beat RDR2 lifetime and October.

This year bo4 will probably sell more. Rdr2 lifetime might be higher but there is massive hype from the battle royale community regarding black out. And bo4 by itself has a lot of hype too so I can see it selling more this year.

RDR2 had huge hype the last few years but I'm not feeling it from the general public lately.

COD, series is a consistent 20-30m mainstream seller regardless of the flack it gets it's also on PC which gives it a sales advantage.

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I think COD will win initially and RDR2 will overtake over time. The last RDR2 was one of those games that came out and then suddenly it took off... I guess this game could do the same, i.e first day will be great, but word of mouth and people playing it will make it's legs good.

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Black Ops 4 will probably win by virtue of releasing earlier in the month. I think RDR2 will end up taking 2018 overall though.

BO4 will outsell it in October, Not sure about November but Red Dead will have better sales it will beat it eventually.

I think RDR 2 takes lifetime, especially if they're, even partially, able to parlay it's single player success into some type of GTA V multiplayer model. RDR 2 won't be able to be reach those heights though, as the game doesn't lend itself as well to such an implementation. It's Take-Two though, so they WILL try. Who knows though? Maybe Battle Royal fever will make Blops 4 a sales juggernaut.

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Black Ops 4 will win since there's not much hype for RDR2.

Firstly, it's a wild west setting which doesn't appeal to this generation that much, not an interesting place to be. Second, the first game released 7 years ago so safe to say that the mainstream i.e. casuals, kids and the mainstream audience of this gen do not have any resonance with the name at all. And lastly, Blackout has been met with positive acclaim and has been killing it on Twitch and will probably be a Twitch mainstay. Black Ops 4 will be the biggest game in a long time IMO, Blackout is honestly great.

RDR2 also hasn't had any big marketing push at all, there's next to no gameplay and there's no show of any multiplayer which is what most of the mainstream GTA fans would be looking forward to. Honestly, there has been no hype building for this game at all, it has had zero presence in the gaming sphere. There's nothing about this game that will appeal to the kids or even casuals.

Black Ops 4 will win easy.