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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?


Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?

Yes 103 60.95%
No 54 31.95%
Undecided 12 7.10%

Very simple poll. Yes / No / Undecided.
And if possible post your reasoning.


As for myself:
I won't buy it because I see no reason to.
I have almost exclusively singleplayer games on my Switch, don't care about cloud saves and some NES games.
So far the service does not offer anything of interest for me. Even for $20 per year it's not worth it for me currently. Maybe if the libary of oldschool games gets bigger and adds some more interesting games.

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Yes, and I don't like to say that.

Edit: for online games, of course.

No, not until the online service is improved.

I don't plan to play online because I already don't do it now. I am also not interested in NES games, because I own them on cartridge and digital format more times than I can count.

But I'll pay for a subscription regardless, simply because Nintendo deserves my support for doing the right thing.

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Yes, to play Dragon Ball FighterZ with my friends.

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I'm buying it. I'm not hurting I have enough money. I buy way too much Xbox games though. but I see why everyone else wouldn't .

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If Smash didn't exist, I would say no, but because it does, I am basically forcing myself to.

I was really hopng to know the advantages of the online service, but they haven't even told us if we're going to have discounts for buying digital. No real VC, the cloud saving feature is woefully incomplete, no easy voicechat... It's a big no for me, which saddens me because Splatoon 2 is my favourite Switch game. I know that I'm going to have to buy it when Pokemon comes out anyway, but man, what a farce.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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For the Netflix style VC alone I am getting it.

I actually don't care all that much for online play either, as I mainly play local multiplayer; but I still like to have the option to do so.

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I almost assuredly will to play Smash online.