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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Did Not Learn Anything from the Wii U's Failure.

Just watched hte new direct a.d i was very dissapointed. Bought a Switch a few months ago and got some games from last year like ARMS, Splatoon 2 and MK8D. The only games i was looking forward to before the direct were Pokemon and Smash. Now the direct is over and im looking forward to Pokemon, Smash, Luigis Mansion and Animal Crossing. That's only two other games i'm excited for and thats honestly really sad. That would mean by the end of 2019 i would have only bought two Nintendo games in 2018 and two in 2019. I feel like the switch is showing early signs of being another Wii U. There is a lack of interesting games. I think that the Switch might be even worse than the Wii U because a lot of it's games and upcoming games are games i already have on the Wii U, boring indie games, and games that will run better on my Xbox One or PC.

I know saying the switch will fall off a cliff has become a meme but honestly a few months after Smash Bros comes out I expect Switch sales to drop off a lot because i'm expecting the big games like Metriod and Animal Crossing to be late 2019. I feel like early and mid 2019 will be as barren as early and mid 208 but the only reason the Switch has sold well in 2018 is because its still a new console but in 2019 the new console hype will die down and sales are going to drop unless Nintendo picks up the pace. They need to stop with the remasters, gimped third parties and give us interesting Nintendo games. The only reason a game like Octopath Traveler sold so well was because Nintendo had no games this year.

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Nice bait

well, you are wrong... and that's it

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lol, good one.'re serious aren't you?

as being hard on nintendo for awhile im stoked with what i have seen today.


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EricFabian said:
well, you are wrong... and that's it

How many Nintendo games have you bought this year on the switch that came out this year?

Well Switch has already outsold WiiU and it's getting more and more third party support. Sure ports mostly but it's better than nothing, you can't expect every Direct to blow you away especially not with all the leaked info on the net.

Tell me this did you expect FF7 on a Nintendo console cause i sure didn't!! #BetterLateThanNever

Ljink96 said:
lol, good one.'re serious aren't you?

I am. There are only a handful of interesting games coming out to the switch. If we count the amount of Nintendo games coming this year and compare it to one of the main Wii U years it will be a similar amount of games.

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