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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Luigi's Mansion 3 announced for Switch, coming 2019

Last edited by curl-6 - on 13 September 2018

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Never played a Luigi's Mansion, but fuck yeah!

I have no words, i am so happy. Still wish Luigi's Mansion 1 was coming to Switch though

The shortest teaser trailer ever but LUIGI’S MANSION 3 YESS!!

Fingers crossed for more ghosts and fewer bugs.

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Should be great. Loved the 3DS game.

They'll show it along with Metroid Prime 4 and the Final Fantasy VII remake

I was so hyped when i saw this announced, I can't wait to try it out. 2019 is absolutely stacked!


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2019 is going to be absolutely bunkers for Switch around the world :

-Luigi Mansion 3
-NSMBU deluxe
-Mainline Animal Crossing
-Mainline Pokémon

assuming :

-Bayo 3

and there will for sure be more games from third party devs like exclusives from Square and Ubisoft.

Day 1 purchase for me!!!