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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Belgium starts criminal investigation against EA over FIFA loot boxes, Gaming Commission looking to sue

Via Belgian website Metrotime:


The Brussels Public Prosecutor's Office is conducting a criminal investigation into the company EA because it continues to offer so-called 'Loot Boxes' in its FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 videogames. 'Loot Boxes' are virtual surprises packages which players can buy with real money. The Gaming Commission deems it a form of gambling and other game developers have already indicated to leave loot boxes out of their games [note from me: only in the Belgian version of course]. EA however refuses to do this. According to the Gaming Commission the 'loot boxes' are an illegal gambling game because players don't know what they'll get when they purchase a 'loot box'. Luck determines if you'll get a rare item or not. At the end of August game developer Blizzard stopped the sale of 'loot boxes' in the games Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm at the request of the Commission and earlier developers Valve and 2K indicated that they'd stop offering 'loot boxes' in exchange for real money. Only the 4th big player, EA, refuses to give in.

CEO Andrew Wilson of EA indicated before the summer that EA would not stop with 'loot boxes'. Including FIFA 19, which releases at the end of the month, will it be possible to buy 'loot boxes'. According to Wilson it's not gambling as players know how many items they'll get. 

The Gaming Commission wants to prosecute the developer and EA has already received a proces verbaal. The dossier is now in the hands of the
Brussels Public Prosecutor's Office, which is conducting a criminal investigation.

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I thought 2K's reaction couldn't be topped:

Though as we can all see, I turned out to be wrong. At this point it's just fucking hilarious.

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Bet with Intrinsic:

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EA are dumb as f**k to try and fight the ruling now they're going to be blown up again for the second time in a year over the same shit.

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EA makes nice games
EA is run by satan

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Go Belgium!. Put down those greedy scumbags.

No need to make games anymore EA.

Watching you burn is the best entertainement any person could ask for.

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I guess they calculated that the lootbox income during the trial will net more than the trial will cost them. Good thinking!

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Go get them Belgium

Meh, if the worse comes to worse they'll probably just not sell the game in that region. EA can afford to ignore a tiny market like Belgium if it wants to act hostile to it's interests ...