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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 18 August 2018

PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
67,885 77,890 26,130 201,866
71,107 48,255 54,162 198,414
53,729 25,310 107 90,243
21,640 17,274 11,618 53,532
31 139 3,032 3,346


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Wow. It's crazy how close Switch/PS4 are for now

Is this 500m PS4 week or is that next week?

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

A virtual tie. August NPD looking to be rather close if VGC is even somewhat close with their numbers.

Switch and PS4 pretty much tied. Xbox just ticking over in the background.
Although Spider-Man for PS4 coming up fast.

Sony want to make money by selling art, Nintendo want to make money by selling fun, Microsoft want to make money.

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Yay! Go Switch! That 200k was really close!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Was expecting Switch to go below 70k in NA by now, but it's still going strong.  I think Fortnite is the main thing that has been driving Switch momentum in NA since E3.

Switch is not really doing bad in Europe, but it is just doing much, much better in other territories.  I mean Japan sold more Switches this week than all of Europe.  So Europe thinks Switch is ok, but Japan is on fire for Switch.

Ps4 over 200k!!

Imagine how much it outsells the competition in September when it tracks spidey launch if it's the top seller now

Switch despite second place still selling well although it's sales will drop in September if mediacreate sales are reflected WW.

Xbox not so good. 3ds on its last legs. Vita ded.


Edit: just noticed that sometimes like this week ps4 in Japan sells more then its xbox rival does for the whole of Europe. I don't want to ever hear Japan ain't important for Sony again! That would be like saying Europe isn't important for Microsoft when it clearly is. 

It will probably hit the 20 millions mark by the end of august. Next step: Gamecube numbers :p

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With the new pokemon bundle there is no way Switch won't dominate the holiday seasons (if it wasn't clear already).
And the rumored smash bundle which seems really likely...
PS4 back on top as it approaches the release of spiderman, it's last big exclusive for the year if i'm not mistaken.
Switch doing well in every country, i'm sure it will catch up in Europe as the price will go down and more games will come out, but still it's doing great there.
Microsoft need to make a great machine to comeback after this mess. But you know how the GP's opinion can change really fast. One day Battlefield is cancelling Cod, the other battlefield is getting massive hate and everyone wants to play Cod. I swear i'm sad for the people that have to try and please this crowd that can love you but hate you on 1 little bad PR as a hate bandwagon.