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Which is Your Favourite Tomb Raider Series?

First Series (I, II, III,... 223 28.85%
Second Series (Legend, An... 61 7.89%
Third Series (2013, Rise of, Shadow of) 311 40.23%
Lara Croft Series (Guardi... 6 0.78%
Handheld Series (Tomb Rai... 9 1.16%
Other - I Don't Like Any of Them 163 21.09%

This week's front page poll.

The latest Tomb Raider game launches later this week, but which of the 'eras' is your favourite, if any?

Here are the key eras in the franchise:

First Series (Tomb Raider I, II, III, Last Revelation, Chronicles, Angel of Darkness)

Second Series (Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, Underworld)

Third Series (Tomb Raider 2013, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft Series (Guardian of Light, Temple of Osiris, Relic Run, Go)

Handheld Series (Tomb Raider GBC, Curse of the Sword, Prophecy)

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The reboot series BY FAR.

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second and third series, love them both.

Hard to answer when I've only played 2013, but it was a great game, and in my opinion better than any of the uncharted games.

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First 3 games of Tomb Raider are package of one of best games ever, similar could be said for Resident Evil 1-2-3 and Silent Hill 1-2-3.

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The first games. Even though I enjoyed the first reboot and they are objectively better made games side by side, they are just an over cluttered, cheaper feeling versions of Uncharted with no shine to them, no TLC or love on top. Just bland...and really over cluttered after RoTR, are they an RPG now, an open world Ubisoft like or an action adventure...whatever they are trying to be it ruins the action adventure part but the originals were better than any 3d platformer going for realism and of their own style at the time and at least had a sole direction and focus. The gameboy games were okay, not great. Lara croft series I would classify as singular games and not a series as Go is a far cry from Temple of Osiros. As for the Ps2 games, legend of the tombraider was an utter joke although I did like the one in paris. Angel of darkness I think it was called.
I did want to buy Shadow and hoped they'd go back to routes and trim the clutter down to the first reboots level and focus on giving us an action adventure game with pace, puzzles and exploration elements but they had to go and try and put every genre into the small hub maps and that just doesn't work, at least not the way they are implementing it, they'd need at least Dragon age Inquisition size maps if not double that and a way to keep the pacing going in the main adventure and it seems again they hav'nt achieved either.

The first series. It's the only one I've fully played. Really enjoyed the first 4, the final 2... not so much.

Only played Anniversary in the 2nd series, but that was a remake of the first game so I wouldn't really class it as a separate series. As for the 3rd, I played a little bit of the 2013 one, but meh.

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Just as a disclaimer i haven't played the PS1-games in ages and never played anything beyond those until the reboot which i loved. Also loved Rise of the Tomb Raider so that is my answer

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third series, tried the old ps1 games and its digital throw up in my eyes.


First series for me, out of nostalgia. Tomb Raider II was one of the defining games of my childhood.

However, I don't like playing retro games (I'm of the firm opinion that the vast majority of old games play like shit nowadays, especially early 3D-era games, because standards have risen so rapidly in such a short space of time), so I wouldn't want to replay it in a modern context - there's no way it's stood the test of time.

At the time, however, the second game in particular was exceptional.