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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee hardware bundles



Same bundle coming to Japan also for price of 38k yens.



Price confirmed for West, $400/€400.

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That looks pretty neat, but i'm still waiting for the Pro NS model. Maybe we get a metroid version of it .

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Sooo cute!!! Love the joycon colors!

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i hope they sell the joycon colors separately. its nice to have some color options that arent neon.

People on Twitter already pointed out that this kinda confirms that the leaked Smash bundle from a few weeks ago is real too,it have the same branding and the same online subscription notice as the new announced bundle.

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Looks good, although the straps for the Joy-Cons make them look ugly...

I don't know how many of these they are going to make, but they are all going to sell out.

They are both awful.

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I'm prob going to have to pick this up for collection sake

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Welp, we know which bundle will obliterate sales this November ! (Unless Nintendo doesn't provide enough)

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