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Forums - Sony Discussion - Playstation LineUp Tour in 4 days, what can we expect?

As usual, Sony will be holding some sort of showcase in Japan a week or so before Tokyo Game Show, and via the Japanese PlayStation Blog, the latest event has been announced.

It's to be an hour long event that will feature new footage of upcoming PS4 games. 

what do you expect? new trailers of announced games, surprises, are you hyped? remember sony didn't have a conference in europe this year...

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Just as much as the 2017 PSX event ... (Kidding)

Japanese games mostly. Probably more footage on DMC V and Code Vein ?

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Probably mostly japanese games. With the exception of Death Stranding, Sony's exclusive heavy hitters will most likely be saved for Paris Games Week and/or PSX.

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MasonADC said:


I think DS and GoT both have a chance at the conference. But ith DS having its own stage show event (right?) it might skip the conference too.

But ultimately TGS is always a 3rd party expo for Sony. In recent years they have been ramping up their first party announcements for the show too as they have begun to emphasise the EU conferences less. But I wouldnt expect any AAA game announcement from Sony. I think at least one Gravity Daze/ Knack esque announcement is likely.

New SEGA and SNK announcements seem to be expected. I sort of want Babylon Fall and Nioh 2 to reshow again at PSX instead but TGS seems likely too.
oh project awakening from cygames... surely now is the time

Come on Shin Yakuza, show me how our new protagonist Ichiba Kasuaga fights tonight.

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Really happy that they showed a new KH3 trailer, the Big Hero 6 world looks sooooooo amazing, Nomura and the team did THAT.