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Japan has been hit by its strongest typhoon in 25 years, causing at least seven deaths and 200 injuries. Typhoon Jebi made landfall in western areas, bringing heavy rain and reports of winds up to 172km/h (107mph). There was also an earthquake. Videos have been released - it looks really bad. The typhoon "Jebi" causes chaos in Japan, ten people died, hundreds were injured. Millions of people currently have no electricity. The third largest airport in the country is partially flooded, thousands are stuck.

I love Japan, hope the best for this beautiful country and the friendly people. Pray for Japan, please.

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I hope the best for them.

Damn, sad to hear.

Ouch. Over 160 mph and it's enormous. Praying indeed, it makes Florance look like a gentle breeze.

EDIT: I was looking at Typhoon Mankghut which is travelling Indonesia and china later. Respects to those effected by Jebi. 

It sucks when stuff like this happens. I hope everybody's ok out there. :(