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Forums - Movies Discussion - Henry Cavill cast as The Witcher!

Henry Cavill will play the lead role in the upcoming Netflix series based on “The Witcher".

This will mark Cavill’s first television role since 2010 when he last appeared on Showtime’s historical drama “The Tudors.”

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Every time I see or hear him I just get aggravated because of his Superman portrayal.

Interesting choice.

After playing Superman in a poorly-received DC universe (I personally really liked Man of Steel but there is no denying how poor Justice League and Batman vs Superman was) he has actually leveraged himself into some interesting roles (MI: Fallout, UNCLE).

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After seeing Mission Impossible it was pretty clear to me that WB/DC/Synder was wasting his talents, so I have no problem with this he's a good actor and I am looking forward to seeing him in the role.

I have enjoyed his performance in every film I've watched him in. I think he'll do a great job.

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I can't stand his portrayal of Clark Kent. He's too smug. Reeve nailed it...clumsy and dorky.

Doesn't really inspire much confidence towards the series. I don't recall any genuinely good performance from Cavill, but maybe he'll be a good fit for the role. Who knows.

It's a role he actually mentioned wanting before being cast. He's a Witcher fan and hopefully that helps his performance.

The writing for the series will be a significantly more important to get right.

I can't quite see it....but ok
Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised

Very big get for him though. I know he's been in contract disputes with WB, because he wants to get paid like a top tier star. If this show takes off, and Netflix throws it's weight behind it - people are saying they want this to be their Game of Thrones - then Cavill will come out of this sitting pretty. It also calls into question whether he actually will reprise his role as Superman for WB, as being the lead on a show is a very time consuming commitment.

Did not see this coming, don't really know what i think about it