Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do You Purchase Games From Annualised Franchises Like FIFA, NBA 2K, Call of Duty, etc.?

Do You Purchase Games From Annualised Franchises Like FIFA, NBA 2K, Call of Duty, etc?

Yes, every year 97 8.96%
Yes, but only every other year 64 5.91%
Yes, but only once or twice each generation 167 15.42%
Used to, but not any longer 250 23.08%
No, never 505 46.63%

CoD was the only one, not this year.

madden is nothing but a roster update with menu changes. sometimes even less options or more dumb ones related to the BS card system.


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Could say never has, never will... but usually I buy 1 of their titles per gen just in case some friend or relative want to play. And buy it at under 10 bucks.

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I buy every COD every year basically. Can't wait for BO4, easily going to be the best COD in a very long time.

DarthMetalliCube said: 

I was a regular buyer of the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk series back in the day back when those were a thing, at least the first 4 or 5 games.

Oh yeah I forgot about Guitar Hero. I did buy a couple of those yearly.

Not anymore!

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Happy to say i never have. Never been interested in FPS or sporting games which make the bulk of annualized games. But even if it a series i like i wont buy it if it is annual - the Assassin Creed series as an example.

Fifa, when I was back in Japan.

No. Burnout occurs, even if the game is good. They're more often than not, uninspired. At least that's what I was getting from the sports games, because *cough-cough*, as well as COD , which I bought 4 years in a row at one point. 2,3,4, and WAW. The was both my longest streak of annualized purchases, and my last. It's been quite a while. It helps greatly that I don't buy anything at all from the artists collectives known as EA and Activision. Much less their assembly line games that get squirted out at the games factory on a yearly basis. Not that there's anything truly wrong with buying annualized games. But I'm not reading any posts in this thread, because I don't want to know FOR SURE who I'm better than.

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No, but I guess I will buy AC Odyssey at some point.