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It's more than 80 degrees fahrenheit outside in my area and, if I'm not sucking at math too badly, 112 days away, but there are already two Christmas trees up at a local grocery store that I go to here and they've been up for a week already. The war on Christmas continues!

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Ramadan Kareem habibi

Yeah 2 month ago I saw a house with their christmas lights already on.........

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I'm not sure, but xmas candy should be sold by now at my place.

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I like all of the Christmas decorations but hate the traffic in stores.

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Are you an australian ?

Tear it all down and tell them they can't celebrate public holidays all willy nilly, any time the so choose! Report them to the communist party for these vile acts against the motherland and the collective good.


China Numba wan!!

Don't you mean Happy Holidays?

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Still a little early for that but... Merry Christmas !

House near me never bothered taking there christmas decorations down, they're still up.

At least I hope they never bothered taking them down, and they didn't just put them up in July.

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