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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 11 August 2018

PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
70,483 49,018 50,251 195,071
60,792 76,398 21,350 188,097
47,515 25,988 86 84,455
23,195 17,445 10,897 54,569
32 149 3,323 3,666


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Switch wins 5th week in a row!

Switch on top again?!
Isn’t this the week when Madden came out?

These last couple of months have been pretty steady.




At least it was ridiculously close.

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Switch on top again!!!!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Well, well, well! Switch is really getting it in. Very good! Great sales across all platforms is healthy!

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PS4 is five years old more or less, it should not even be close.

Probably the last week Switch will win before later this year but tbh i wasn't expecting (as credible as these numbers are) 5 weeks on top.
This isn't boost from any release tho, PS4 is the one getting new games that week. Switch momentum is just increasing on it's own.


Random_Matt said: 
PS4 is five years old more or less, it should not even be close.


Well that's not a great point since consoles don't peak at the start of their life cycle but more in the middle end. PS4 peaked only last year and it's 5th year is still pretty close to that. Switch isn't peaking (no bundle, full price, drought, no revision or even new colors.) and is competing with a console that is doing one of it's best numbers ever. Don't be surprise once the Switch gets discounted and Ninty's biggest sellers arrive if the numbers destroy the PS4 cause there is a big chance it will happen. Switch will probably be outselling the PS5 when it comes out even if it will be older, it will be peaking while the other will be new to the market.

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hard to believe the ps4 in only 8k from a 1 year old nintendo handheld.