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Forums - PC Discussion - Path of Exile - Delve League (infinite dungeon added)

Every 3-4 months Path of Exile, starts anew, with a new league that adds new skills/mechanics/area's ect, to keep the game fresh.
However the endgame has always been something beatable within say a week or two (if you knew what your doing).

And once youve gotten a character able to beat shaper & elder (uber versions) theres really no more challenge left in it.
(Then it was just about imbraceing the grinde, for those rare & costly items your character just "must" have :)


Here is the real endgame (delve is going to be a core game element in future too), a infinite dungeon!
And a leaderboard that shows the progress people make, and keeps track of those that managed to go furthest.
Apart from fame and glory, going deeper adds ever increased difficulty of monsters,
and also droprates & secretely hidden items (cant be gotten by other means).

Apart from this, theres been some minor graphic overhauls, and its worth checking out, the game is better looking than ever.



So if your burnt out on Diablo 3.... or your just missing a diablo like experiance (but vastly better imo) go check out Path of Exile.
Its free to play.

Its a amasing game, and I wanna see GGG thrive, so I thought why not remind people that a new league is starting soon?

So do we have any POE players here?

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----------------------->  Guys 8 hours left!!

Some of the new skills/reworked skills:

Static Strike :

Melee Summoner Archetype (& new herald of purity) :

Caustic Arrow Rework:

Herald of Agony + Pathfinder nodes: