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"Quagmire, are you the type of guy who takes 'no' for an answer ?"
"My lawyer doesn't allow me to answer that question"

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I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Please keep

Or not to delete. That is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous deleting, or to take arms against a sea of deleting, and by opposing end them? To delete. To backspace; No more.

  • Deadliest mass shooting by an individual in US history (10/01/2017)
  • Deadliest high school shooting in US history (02/14/2018)
  • Deadliest massacre of Jews in US history (10/27/2018)
  • Political assassination attempt of TWO former presidents(and 10+ other people)  (10/23/2018 - and beyond)

Locking for lack of substance