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Are you buying Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this year?

Yes 5 11.11%
No 36 80.00%
Maybe 4 8.89%

I'm just curious to know who's getting CoD BO4 this year.

I'm not because of Activi$ion's money-grubbing antics this year. Their Black Ops pass shenanigans, locking DLC behind a season pass that you can only get with a $100 SE, and ditching the campaign for a Battle Royale mode which you just know Activi$ion is gonna fill with MTXs/loot boxes. I could totally see there being vehicles that you can only get inside loot boxes or MTXs (since we know it will have vehicles). After all, this IS the same company who puts guns that can only be obtained inside loot boxes and, unlike EA, people let Activi$ion get away with it, hmm...

This'll be the first CoD I outright boycott thanks to their shenanigans.

EDIT: oh, and apparently, snipers are still OHK while every other gun takes 5-7 shots to kill, so we can expect another quickscoping paradise game, all the more reason for me not to buy it.

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No, i play COD for the campaign and BO4 doesn't have that.

Nothing to see here, move along

no, never. I'm not a big shooter fan anyway, although sometimes get the odd one every now and then. But one without a singleplayer campaign? Yeah, really not interested in that.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

Nope. Didn't buy the last two, and honestly removing the campaign gives me even less incentive to buy the game. Pass!

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Not buying it because there’s no Day Zero Edition this time around

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I don't like COD's multiplayer, it feels to claustrophobic and the maps are way too small. The last COD I played was WaW. The campaigns have also not been up to snuff and now there simply is none.

That poll results though xD

And no, I'm not. I mean I'm pretty much against any buisness decisions Activision-Blizzard are making when it comes to their games. And Cod hasn't been spared since MW3 which was the last I played.

Not going back to it.

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Solid nope.

Fell out with playing CoD since Blops 1, and since then I've never really been interested in playing it. Now they've decided to show their "I don't want to pay 30%, I want all the money because I'm greedy" card, while also charging a whopping £50 for a multiplayer only game, That and they're trying way too hard with the "We totally care about ya'll PC gamers" shtick that Ubisoft pulled with Creed Origins, only to slap 4 layers of DRM onto that game, as well as screw with the performance while maintaining console parity. I just don't support nor buy into either company pulling fake shit like that, it's obnoxious and downright disingenuous. They just want my money and they'll fake anything to get it.


Not a chance in hell. I might have gotten it next year or if there was an Xmas lull but without a campaign and Activisions practices I can't justify it nor can I bring myself to even buy the Diablo 3 DLC and Sekerio as good as it look is on the edge of a knife for me split between supporting FromSoft and not funding ActiBlizzs continued milking of gamers. I play games as escapism to substitute drugs and actiblizz make me feel like an addict with a shitty, spiralling dealer who keeps pushing the boundaries of give and take. Fuck them and fuck Bops4.

Nope. Haven't really played CoD too much since MW2. Plus there are far too many games coming out. BFV is higher on my list but even that is questionable until a sale with all the content ala BF1 Revolution.