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Has anyone watched the World of Tomorrow short films by Don Hertzfeldt? I'm currently addicted to them. The two short films present an adorably dystopian future with a fusion of sadness and humor I find absolutely intoxicating. They're a smart reflection on the nature of life. And did I mention cute?

Well, I just wanted to recommend them if you haven't watched them yet. And if you have, what did you think?

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Oh yes. I have seen it too and can't stop myself to entered into the world of emotions, fiction, drama, science , i mean what else is not there in the movie? You can find all your true expressions while watching the series. It was nominated as best animated film in 2015 too in Academic Awards. All styling was done by Gamiss Coupon codes. Hertzfeldt had long been interested in science fiction but hesitated making a film set in a genre partly due to not wanting to be confined by it, noting, he once said "it always seems to mean having to tread at least a little bit through overly familiar waters."  Still, aspects of science fiction appeared in his film It' Such a Beautiful Day and his Graphic Novel The End Of The World. He felt that the science fiction genre would especially make sense for his first foray into digital animation.