Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bethesda says that all of their games on Switch have been "hugely popular".

Bethesda has published a number of different games on Switch thus far, including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Doom, Wolfenstein II, and Fallout Shelter. The company isn’t stopping there having recently confirmed that Doom Eternal will be on the console. This time around, the Switch version will drop alongside other platforms.

IGN brought up the Doom Eternal Switch news with Bethesda’s Pete Hines in an interview this week. Speaking about the decision to announce the game for Nintendo’s console out of the gate, he stated:

“It was hugely popular – all of the stuff that we did. I think folks enjoyed and appreciated – and we wanted to make sure to say right up front that this is a title we want to bring to Switch, and we think it’s gonna be another awesome experience.”

Doom Eternal will arrive sometime in 2019. Hines wasn’t willing to narrow down that release window any further.

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Lies! Western AAA third party games don't sell on the Switch!

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Well thats good news then. Maybe they had realistic expectations or their games are undertracked here.

They really need to hurry up and release a fallout 3 and new Vegas double pack

That is great news! I was worried about Wolfenstein 2 TBH. Glad to hear it did well!

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collint0101 said:
They really need to hurry up and release a fallout 3 and new Vegas double pack

That would be cool, but I personally would love to see Morrowind make its way over.  That I feel would sell more than any other port they could give us.

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Great to hear! Looking forward to Doom Eternal!

Skyrim has passed the million already between retail and digital, Doom is probably reaching half million before the end of the year, and Wolfenstein... well, it did as expected, I guess. Bethesda has probably not invested a ton of money on the ports, so this level of performance is really good for them. I wonder if they could make a Doom Anthology collection for the Switch: Doom 1, 2, 64, 3...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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It's really good to hear that Bethesda's efforts have been successful. Only bought Doom so far myself, but i intend to buy at least Doom Eternal. I hope that maybe they look into their backcatalog and port over some more, there is that rumor that Fallout 3 is coming and remasters of Morrowind and Oblivion could work really well.

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The best news out of it is that they're one of the few western compagny which actually tries to sell it's product with modest expectation in hand.

Now, they'll probably want to see how a parity release with other version will actually do to see if it's worth to do the same again in future releases.

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