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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo announced yet ANOTHER nindie presentation for next week.

So,we just had a nindie presentation a few days ago, however Nintendo just announced another one for august 28 at 9AM PT.

I first thought it is an american version from that last one, however it does say it will focus on unannounced games.

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So this one should contain a few surprises then. I like the sound of that!

Well, I think it could end up with a mix of both ^^

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I think this will be the bigger games like Travis for example.
They announced it so early tho

I just want my god damn Rivals of Aether and Hyper Light Drifter already.

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I love how Nintendo is treating indies, but i rather have a normal direct with some indie announcements

Bring it!

Most of the indies I wanted are getting Switch ports already, so I'm curious to see what they're announcing this time. I know it's still far out, but Psychonauts 2 please!

Edit: The Talos Principle would be nice too.

Very exciting news. Nintendo is absolutely killing it right now.

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Even more games? People who ignore indie-games are doing themselves a major disservice